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Is Internet Porn Causing Trouble? Then block it.

Guards from pornography. Works with all Service Providers

                               For as many as three computers only 14 cents per day



Did you know

that statistics show over 50% of men on the net are accessing porn? This statistic stays constant including Christians or others of faith.

Is Internet Pornography destroying your marriage? Threatening our kids, our careers and our reputations? With modern filtering we can guard ourselves. Modern filtering is fast accurate and effective. I started this business to protect myself! For my personal story -click here.


Most men don't realize the hurt that our wives experience when they discover husbands are using pornography. This now rated as the leading cause of divorce in America surpassing financial troubles.- Is the desire to watch pornography worth losing our families? We can make your home porn free.  Install an internet filter and provide real internet safety.

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Don't Internet filters block good sites as well as the bad?  Several years ago filtering was based on key words such as breast, so when someone wanted to get a recipe for chicken breasts it would be blocked- not good! Just as the rest of the net has progressed so has web filtering. We no longer use key words but rather have categorized millions of web sites so that we can block them accurately according to your own filtering needs. Our system is accurate and fast. Wisechoice is simply the best internet filter available.


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The Wisechoice porn blocker is flexible and gives you complete control of Web-based activities. You can even have differing levels of access and Internet filtering for different users. For example you can block FaceBook or YouTube for your teenagers but allow it for the adults. Each filter profile can be password protected depending on the level of filtering desired. Up to five different filter profiles at no extra charge.

Please take a look at other people's stories in our forum and add your own story or comments. Click here for forum

Three types of protection for one low price:

For adults trying to stay away from pornography, to protect marriages and reputations This version of our porn blocker cannot be bypassed by the user at their computer-

For Parents: Parental Control Software - Protect your kids or marriage but still retain the option of by-passing the filter- which you can modify from your own computer.

For Mobile Devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets we suggest using www.mobicip.com. The combination of the two solutions is very powerful.

We offer accountability reporting for either version at no extra charge - This enables one to choose a partner to whom you will give the right to see your surfing history-where you have been surfing. The combination of accountability reporting and the filter is the one-two punch needed to break the cycle of internet porn use and addiction.

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What about the free internet filters such as the parental controls on browsers and service providers? The problem with these free solutions is two fold- first is the principal of "you get what you pay for". The second is that the internet industry is philosophically opposed to filtering-even if you choose it for yourself. As a result their heart is not in it and the products reflect that attitude.

Why would you not have filtering?

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             A Wisechoice User's Story from our Forum

Hello to any of you who are stuggling with sexual addiction. If you are reading this, you are pretty likely to be struggling with porn so stop kidding yourself and listen up. I started getting into porn and phone sex about 10 years ago because I was a very shy guy with women. I had a very high sex drive and masturbation was my drug, litterally. For a while, I thought I was normal and I just loved sex so I thought there was no danger in the road I was going down. I continued my habit of masturbation to porn, phone sex, and online chatting all the way up until about a month ago when I found WiseChoice. I will say that I honestly do not work for WiseChoice, I don't have any reason to tell you this other than to tell you that this tool WILL HELP YOU. It will help you by FORCING you to stop viewing porn online. I have found that through the past 10 years of my addiction (I almost hate saying addiction because it implies that I was not choosing my behavior but really, it is an addiction because an addiction is really a STRONG habit that one gets caught up in) so anyway, I have hidden it from everyone and I have been living in a hell of fantasy.

I would fantasize when meeting pretty girls, seeing girls, or even at work under stress, I would use masturbation as my drug. I HATED it. I was very depressed, I was always full of anxiety, I just felt tons of shame but I covered it up very well. I have to think though that people around me kind of knew I was struggling with something. Anyway, I would go through cycles where I would get so low that I would reach for help. I would look online for psychology tips to stop, I even looked at internet filters but they all had passwords on them so they would not work if I knew the password, obviously. I probably attempted to stop every 6 months or so but I never could because I was soooo tempted when I was feeling down or stressed out. It was a bad cycle I was caught in. Then I found WiseChoice.Net.

I honestly could not believe it was available when I discovered it because I knew it would work. The reason why is because, I can't just type a password in to bypass it. I would have to actually call in and cancel my service to look at porn, which number one, would be embarrassing to me, and number two, they would probably talk me out of cancelling because they understand my problem. The owner of the company developed this because he dealt with the same issue!!! Read his story if you have not yet done so. I know I am writing a lot here but I really want you who is reading this right now to know, that you can not just stop looking at porn and chatting online by your will power alone. You need to be FORCED to stop. The owner of this company is blessing us by not ripping us off for our addiction. 60 bucks a year is such an awesome price for what this will do in your life) you can be helped.

You have to want help though so if you do, order this service and you will be glad you did. For those of you who know computers, you can't stop this service from running. I have already tried. I have shut down the service in the task manager and guess what, it pops back up. It really locks you down which makes you feel soooo good that you can't go back when you decide to get help. I subscribed about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I already feel less shame, more confidence and I feel strong so....STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS AND ORDER IT!!!! God bless you! Another cool thing is for the same price a month, you can load this on up to 3 computers in your house so you can't just go to another computer when your desire gets strong. ORDER IT!!!


South Australian MP Bernard Finnigan appears on child pornography charge




Bernard Finnigan


Bernard Finnigan, pictured this year outside a court in Adelaide, is facing child pornography charges. Picture: Kelly Barnes Source: The Australian


EVERY picture on the internet can be manipulated, says the lawyer for a South Australian MP who wants a judge to stop his upcoming child pornography trial.


The 40-year-old independent upper house MP, Bernard Finnigan, has been charged with an aggravated count of obtaining child pornography at his home in the Adelaide suburb of Sefton Park on December 24, 2010.

He also is charged with taking a step towards obtaining access to child pornography on April 4, 2011.

Finnigan was due to be arraigned in the District Court in June, but was not required to enter pleas until his application for a permanent stay was dealt with.

His lawyer, Michael Abbott QC, told Judge Steven Millsteed today that if the law was properly applied "there is no evidence which would support either of these two charges".

The aggravation alleged in the first charge is that the victim at the time was aged under 14.

Mr Abbott cited a number of previous cases involving interpretation of the law relating to the age of a child in an image and proving it.

"The problem with the internet is that every picture can be manipulated," Mr Abbott said.

The judge gave an unrelated example of seeing an image of a man having sexual contact with an infant.

But Mr Abbott said the prosecution would have to prove that what you see as an infant is actually an infant and not a digitalized image of what appears to be an infant.

"Everything can be manipulated - white can be black, brown can be green," he said.

Referring to the second charge, Mr Abbott said there was no evidence that the step alleged to have been taken by Finnigan would have yielded access to child pornography.

The application, which is opposed by the prosecution, is continuing.


- See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/south-australian-mp-bernard-finnigan-appears-on-child-pornography-charge/story-e6frg6nf-1226746808260#sthash.EIPQMN49.dpuf











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