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If you have arrived at this page then you probably are aware that internet pornography addiction is real.

For many of us, internet use consumes hours of our days, often causing us to stay in the office long after closing. Even more are disappearing into their computers at home, some of us get back out of bed to go back to our computers.  The price of this activity is showing up in broken families, lost jobs and worse. The stories of men who are arrested for child porn and underage solicitation almost all say that they don't know what happened to draw them into these behaviors.

Then there are the other compulsions that can enslave us like gambling, gaming, even shopping that ruin our lives our careers. Wisechoice is the tool to put boundaries around you that you cannot break through. How do you spell freedom

Feel like you are the only one? Take a look at our forum and see what others are going through and doing.  Click here for the forum.

  If I am speaking to you or about a loved one then the choice is clear cut- Access to internet porn sites must stop and since it is an addiction self will is usually not adequate. Wisechoice was designed to put a wall between you and the porn sites. It is different than others in that we do not provide an over ride password since we know that you will use it and get right back into trouble. The best approach to control porn use is to install the filter AND to utilize the acountability reporting feature which we provide at no extra charge. This allows a best friend, wife or other important figure in your life the right to see your history in a site where you cannot erase it. The program will also notify your partner if you are trying to break through the filter to find  porn sites.




Below are real accounts taken from our discussion board


"A professional Society of Divorce Lawyers recently reported that use of internet pornography had surpassed financial problems as being the fastest growing cause of divorce in America."


"Three years ago I spent over 1000 hours on internet pornography. One thousand hours works out to be forty- one complete 24 hour days of internet porn use! I was asked by one counselor,  " what happened with your family?"   "I lost it,"

"What about your job?"...." I lost it too......I've lost everything..



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I have struggled with porn for about 25 years. I have been married for the last eight. Thank God for this forum!

I struggled with my morale at work because during some idle time, I would use the Internet at work for browsing non-work related things. Not porn, the filter here is pretty high. Even now, for example, I am waiting for a meeting to start and instead of doing work related items, here I am.

So to prevent me from doing personal browsing, which is really helpful for things around the house, etc., I got a DSL line for home use. I did this under the condition with my wife that only she has access. When I spoke with the DSL provider, they assured me that they supported password access.

I insisted that the password access be at the modem level. I am a computer engineer and have defeated filtering services before. If I was to have access to some Internet access, I can usually get to porn. My wife and I discovered, by accident, that the modem password as a way to restrict access, was not successful. Either was the DSL provider provided software. So we were ready to try another service and my wife picked WiseChoice Internet Filtering.


Another true story from our forum

Hello to any of you who are struggling with sexual addiction. If you are reading this, you are pretty likely to be struggling with porn so stop kidding yourself and listen up. I started getting into porn and phone sex about 10 years ago because I was a very shy guy with women. I had a very high sex drive and masturbation was my drug, litter ally. For a while, I thought I was normal and I just loved sex so I thought there was no danger in the road I was going down. I continued my habit of masturbation to porn, phone sex, and online chatting all the way up until about a month ago when I found WiseChoice. I will say that I honestly do not work for WiseChoice, I don't have any reason to tell you this other than to tell you that this tool WILL HELP YOU. It will help you by FORCING you to stop viewing porn online. I have found that through the past 10 years of my addiction (I almost hate saying addiction because it implies that I was not choosing my behavior but really, it is an addiction because an addiction is really a STRONG habit that one gets caught up in) so anyway, I have hidden it from everyone and I have been living in a hell of fantasy. I would fantasize when meeting pretty girls, seeing girls, or even at work under stress, I would use masturbation as my drug. I HATED it. I was very depressed, I was always full of anxiety, I just felt tons of shame but I covered it up very well. I have to think though that people around me kind of knew I was struggling with something. Anyway, I would go through cycles where I would get so low that I would reach for help. I would look online for psychology tips to stop, I even looked at internet filters but they all had passwords on them so they would not work if I knew the password, obviously. I probably attempted to stop every 6 months or so but I never could because I was soooo tempted to masturbate when I was feeling down or stressed out. It was a bad cycle I was caught in. I then found WiseChoice.Net. I honestly could not believe it was available when I discovered it because I knew it would work. The reason why is because, I can't just type a password in to bypass it. I would have to actually call in and cancel my service to look at porn, which number one, would be embarrassing to me, and number two, they would probably talk me out of cancelling because they understand my problem. The owner of the company developed this because he dealt with the same issue!!! Read his story if you have not yet done so. I know I am writing a lot here but I really want you who is reading this right now to know, that you can not just stop looking at porn and chatting online by your will power alone. You need to be FORCED to stop.

The owner of this company is blessing us by not ripping us off for our addiction. 49.95 bucks a year is such an awesome price for what this will do in your life) you can be helped. You have to want help though so if you do, order this service and you will be glad you did. For those of you who know computers, you can't stop this service from running. I have already tried. I have shut down the service in the task manager and guess what, it pops back up. It really locks you down which makes you feel soooo good that you can't go back when you decide to get help. I subscribed about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I already feel less shame, more confidence and I feel strong so....STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS

My story is similar to many of yours. I was first exposed in the 80's with "bootleg" vids my friends and I would share. These never really did much for me at the time. I was also a late bloomer in terms of my first sexual experience. It was in my senior year of college with one of my good friends I felt safe with. I did not masturbate until after I had started having sex. This is when I actually started purchasing videos. I would keep at least a few in my apartment. The frequency of my masturbation then increased. With the onset of internet porn things really began to get out of control.

Here I was, a single male in my 20's. I had my own apartment and the privacy to do what I pleased. I did not have a steady girlfriend during these times. I would spend hours and hours in front of my computer checking porn. I would use my credit card to access these sites. It seemed relatively inexpensive at the time. Although I knew what I was doing was wrong, I justified it by telling myself this was much safer than going out and being promiscuous with several women.

The excitement of imagining myself with a different woman every night was contagious and addicting. I was still able to be involved in other relationships, but the internet porn was a very convenient "safety net."

Still in the midst of my porn viewing I became serious with a woman who ultimately became my future wife. She knew I looked at porn "occasionally." As she lived in another state than I did, she really had no idea as to the extent of my viewing porn.

Of course I wondered how things would change when we got married. I rationalized things by thinking once we lived together, we would be having sex regularly and this would curb my appetite for porn. For the first few months of our marriage this was in fact the case. We lived in another state. I had a new job. With the new atmosphere things were different for a while. I then made the mistake of responding to one of those email porn adds and I relapsed!!!

It seemed so wrong to me and so shamefully unnatural to still be craving porn with a beautiful wife beside me! As I began to listen to more and more Christian radio, I began to get more insight into my problem. It also opened my eyes to the fact that my situation is not unique at all!!

I could continue on and on, but I just thought I would at least throw this out as an intro to myself and my condition. I am so thankful for this opportunity to share my thoughts with others in similar situations. I look forward to extending this discussion with other brothers and sisters in Christ.



Do you ever wonder about those men who become internet stalkers or child porn users? How do they get this way?

In our city a prominent individual, church goer, married man with a good reputation is now in The Georgia State Penitentiary for "enticing minors". It is unthinkable..but when asked how he began this unspeakable practice he told us that he had started by watching internet porn. The porn sites then had links to child porn sites and he watched this material a character flaw was triggered that he had no idea was present. One thing led to another and then to another. The result is that he is in prison, his wife divorced him, his business closed.....if only he had protected himself.  "for those who have ears to ear then let them hear".


    It is estimated that over 50% of American  men  are accessing internet pornography regularly.


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A leading men’s ministry had this startling report regarding internet pornography and the ministry. When an alter call was given for ministers to acknowledge un-confessed sin in their lives over 50% of those who responded identified internet pornography as the issue. In almost any part of America, we can read newspaper articles about ministers who have lost their churches and their credibility do to internet pornography. Not only ministers but businessmen are losing their jobs as they are discovered using Internet pornography..

              let's get real! If you have a porn issue read on!

If you have a serious porn issue- if you know that internet porn has gotten out of hand, that you can't seem to stop, that it may mean the end of your marriage, your reputation ,your job, your ministry.....then let's get real. You need to put a wall between you and pornography. If you won't do that then get off the internet .

Remember that this problem is yours  and you are the only one who will be able to get a handle on it. I know! I've been there! .............I'm still there.

Ned Dominick-Founder of Wisechoice


The WiseChoice porn blocker can help you and your family have an addiction free home for a healthy environment. If you have any questions about our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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