Internet filter that can't be bypassedd. Content filter works with all search engines. Block porn and make the intenet safe

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WiseChoice Internet Filtering Supports ALL
Web Browsers. you name it! Filtering is effective regardless of search engines including Google, Google images, Yahoo etc.


Supports-Win2000, WinXP, VISTA, Windows 7&8  MacIntosh OSX 10.4 and later.

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WiseChoice.NET: An Internet Filter

and Porn Blocker. Fast. Accurate. Cannot be bypassed.   One month money back guarantee.

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If you have arrived at this page then you probably are aware that the compulsive power of internet pornography is real- Wisechoice offer time limits, content control and accountability reporting.


For many of us, internet porn use consumes hours of our days, often causing us to stay in the office long after closing. Even more are disappearing into their computers at home, some of us get back out of bed to go back to our computers.  The price of this activity is showing up in broken families, lost jobs and worse. The stories of men who are arrested for child porn and underage solicitation almost all say that they don't know what happened to draw them into these behaviors.

If I am speaking to you or about a loved one then the choice is clear cut- Access to internet porn sites must stop and since it is an addiction self will is usually not adequate. Wisechoice was designed to put a wall between you and the porn sites. It is different than others in that we do not provide an over ride password since we know that you will use it and get right back into trouble. The best approach to control porn use is to install the filter AND to utilize the accountability reporting feature which we provide at no extra charge. This allows a best friend, wife or other important figure in your life the right to see your history in a site where you cannot erase it. The program will also notify your partner if you are trying to break through the filter to find  porn sites.

Works anywhere in the World

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Please take a look at the chart below and you will quickly see the incredible features included in our filtering system. It is the finest in the world.


Compare the our system to the new- the differences are enormous. Our system is compatible with all browsers, Mac, Windows XP, VISTA, 7  and Windows 8. Wisechoice works with all service providers including wireless.


 You still cannot turn off the filter without calling the office!

The distinctive feature of Wisechoice is that it our flag ship filter cannot be over-ridden or made less strict by the user without the primary customer calling the office. This is of course designed to protect us from ourselves or to guard against unauthorized users from turning off or getting around the filter.

PCs or Macs-

or Both

For each account you can filter as many as three computers. These can be PCs or Macs or a mix of either

Tremendous new filtering features- We have 35 filtering categories with which to customize the filter to your needs

You can now also add a site to be blocked with one click and it will be instantly added to your blocking list- there is no waiting for review. To unblock a site you must telephone the office to identify yourself as the primary account holder.

Enhanced accountability reporting that works! No extra charge.

An accountability partner is someone who you will grant the right to look over your shoulder to see where you have been surfing on the web-that cannot be erased!

even be configured to email your partner an alert that pornography is trying to be accessed


Parental controls include the ability to install time limit for internet access
If you have a teenager, child or even an addicted adult who spends too much time on the internet our filter can be configured to restrict access to the web by password protected limits. You can have different limits for different family members or users. For example one child may have access between 7:00 PM and 9:00, another for a different period and yet another may have no time limits- each will have access to the web. you are the boss!
Track Conversations made on internet chat rooms and instant messaging sites!
Imagine being able to see what is being said between your child an others on chat rooms and instant messaging sites. Almost all internet predators make contact through these sites. Wisechoice's filtering provider gives you the option at no charge to keep track of what is really going on!

There are many other features that can be utilized including the ability to select to block some or all of the most popular instant messaging sites or some or all of the Social networking sites like or Facebook.

Or the ability to block file sharing downloads like Torrent

As you go through the signup you will have the option to select among these and many other options in completely customizable and password protected profiles. It is the best!






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