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              Internet Pornography can ruin everything! A marriage, A ministry, A good name...We can block it.

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Over 50% of men on the net are accessing porn-a statistic that stays constant with Christians or others of faith.


Have you promised God that you would stop going to porn sites but then found yourself failing over and over again?

God promises us a way of escape and Wisechoice can be that way-please read through this and see if this will work for you. We offer a special version of the state of the art Safeeyes filter that is developed just for Wisechoice. Unlike other filters we offer a no override version. We don't pretend this is all about the children alone. Wisechoice was developed to place an unbreakable wall between ourselves and the pornography. To provide an even stronger tool we offer an accountability reporting system at no extra charge which will give one the ability to choose a friend to be accountable to. One can give them access to a non erasable history and they will receive email or text message alerts if the system detects activity trying to break through the filter. The combination of the filter and accountability is extremely powerful.

Don't filters block good sites too? Not any more. Now we have a data base of virtually all of the  sites on the net and they have been categorized. So rather than blocking by a key word or search term, we block by the category of the site. Porn sites, gambling, etc..and you can block one or up to 35 categories depending on your desires and then lock them in place. It is fast and accurate.

What about the free child protection settings on browsers? To put it simply-you get what you pay for.

For an excellent low cost solution for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android devices we suggest The combination of Wisechoice and Mobicip is extremely effective.

Wives are among those most devastated by porn use in their families- Woman view sex primarily in terms of relationship meaning that when wives discover their husbands are using porn they see it as infidelity (God does too). They are deeply hurt, feel betrayed  and many families are broken over the use of pornography.


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See what other wives and people are experiencing on our discussion board and participate- you are not alone.   Click here to go to our forum

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Wisechoice is completely customizable. Due to the use of categories and custom profiles, filtering can be set up for each person in the family. Younger kids can have one level, teenagers another level and the adults yet another. YouTube can be allowed while filtering the adult areas, social networking...we also provide time limits so that kids can be locked out of the internet when they need to be doing homework or outside getting exercise. This will work even when the parents are not at home.

For adults with internet porn addictions Wisechoice specializes in a locked Version that will keep a user from removing over over riding the filter. It is similar to the door to the liquor store or bar being locked when the alcoholic comes around. This has saved inumerable marriages and families.




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The Daily News

This story is from a pastor from our discussion board

regarding Pastors and Pornography


Postby bruised


It is so sick that as a pastor that I must pretend to be cleaner and less sinful than other men. If I were to come clean to my congregation I would lose my job.

I have finally found another pastor friend that I have been able to get into an accountability relationship. We have both put filters on our computers and activated the accountability reporting. It has changed everything knowing that my brother will call me if he gets a notification that I am falling...the same for him.

The joke is that when people ask why there is a filter on the church computers I tell them , "that you never know who might be coming into the church and use the computers to access pornography.....oh well.

What does Billy Graham Have to say?:

Pornography is wrong in God’s eyes, and it will become a cancer in your soul that will destroy you if you aren’t careful. Pornography appeals to our lusts, and turns what God has created into something selfish and demeaning. The Bible is clear: “Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you” (2 Corinthians 6:17).

 Joyce Meyer? There's no devil in hell who can keep you in bondage if you will consistently do what God tells you to do.

James Dobson? Until we know that pornography is not addictive and progressive . . . until we are certain that the passion of fantasy does not destroy the passion of reality . . . until we are sure that obsessive use of obscene materials will not lead to perversions and conflict between husbands and wives . . . then we dare not adorn them with the crown of respectability. Society has a solemn obligation to protect itself from material that crosses the line established by its legislators and judges. This is not sexual repression. This is self-preservation




For Schools, churches or businesses with a larger number of computers please call our office at 1.877.944.8080 for special rates go to our school filtering page for fully CIPA* compliant filtering

*Child Internet Protection Act




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