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WiseChoice Internet Filtering Supports ALL
Web Browsers. you name it! Filtering is effective regardless of search engines including Google, Google images, Yahoo etc.


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WiseChoice.NET: An Internet Filter

and Porn Blocker. Fast. Accurate. Cannot be bypassed.   One month money back guarantee.

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  Has Internet Gambling Got you?


Internet Gambling is destroying finances and marriages yet many of us cannot seem to stop.

Wisechoice can offer a way out...

It has been said that you cannot lose all of your money in Vegas if you don't go to Vegas. The problem with Internet gambling is that we all have access to the internet and we can gamble in the privacy of our home or office with no one watching. All we need is a credit card and a connection.

Since Most of us must have the internet then we are always open to slipping over for a little game which then begins to be several games followed by hours of gambling...sometimes with horrifying results.

Wisechoice filtering is a tool that can help you get a grip. Our system lets you put a wall between you and the gambling sites that you cannot break through even in a weak moment. We do not offer an adult over ride password because we know that we will use it at that weak moment at 2am.

In order to remove the wall between you and these sites you have to actually telephone the nice ladies at our office, provide proof that you are the original account holder and then make the changes. We try to make it hard!

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If you need someone to be a partner to help keep you honest, we also provide an accountability feature at no extra cost which will allow your partner-perhaps your wife or counselor or close friend, to actually access your surfing history in a location where you cannot erase it! It can even be set up to send an alert to your partners' cell phone if the system sees you attempting to get to the gambling sites so that they can light you up!

The system works beautifully and may be the one thing that preserves you marriage, your finances even your job....

Give it a try, you have a full month money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.






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