Internet filter cannot be turned off or removed. Content filter works with all search engines. Block porn  and make the intenet safe

One month unconditional money back guarantee

free phone support- PCs and Macs

WiseChoiceInternet Filtering Supports ALL
Web Browsers. you name it! Filtering is effective regardless of search engines including Google, Google images, Yahoo etc.


Supports-Win2000, WinXP, VISTA, Windows 7  and now MacIntosh OSX 10.4 and later.

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WiseChoice.NET: An Internet Filter

and Porn Blocker. Fast. Accurate. Cannot be bypassed.   One month money back guarantee.

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Your Kids on the Internet-Are they accessing everything?

Home Schoolers rely heavily on the net for research or interactive curricula. We all know that there are huge inherent dangers in unfettered access to the net. So in addition to filtering Wisechoice's software also includes.

Time limits- each child or teen can be given a password protected profile that will only allow access to the internet during approved times and days. For example- You can set up access times for one child and different ones for another, also each profile will have filtering levels selected just for them.

Record chatroom or social networking conversations- Who are your kids talking to and what is being said? Some would say this is too intrusive yet we constantly hear and see reports of predators ensnaring kids through internet chatrooms. Our software will give you the choice to track or not- you are the parent.

Accountability reporting- For no extra charge our software will provide a non erasable history to see what places are being accessed on your computer. It can even be configured to send you an email, text message on your phone or

Instant message if someone is attempting to get to blocked sites-even if you are away from home.





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