Internet filter cannot be turned off or removed. Content filter works with all search engines. Block porn  and make the intenet safe

One month unconditional money back guarantee

free phone support- PCs and Macs

WiseChoiceInternet Filtering Supports ALL
Web Browsers. you name it! Filtering is effective regardless of search engines including Google, Google images, Yahoo etc.


Supports-Win2000, WinXP, VISTA, Windows 7  and now MacIntosh OSX 10.4 and later.

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WiseChoice.NET: An Internet Filter

and Porn Blocker. Fast. Accurate. Cannot be bypassed.   One month money back guarantee.

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When you go to the signup page . The registration page is hosted by SafeEyes -this is correct. SafeEyes developed a special version of their filter that is designed for Wisechoice-

May take as long as twenty seconds to forward to the signup.

$ 49.95 per year for as many as three computers

14 Cents Per Day



Thirty day satisfaction guarantee. During the first 30 days we will refund for the full amount.










If you have any difficulties during signup please contact us at or call toll free to 877-944-8080 between 8:30am and Midnight Eastern standard time





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