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A Message from Ned Dominick-Founder of Wisechoice Internet Filtering

                        "......I thought I was porn proof " Mac friendlycompatible with windows 7

Let me tell you how I got involved with this subject. I am happily married, have my own business, and my kids are grown. I have been a Christian for 24 years, been a missionary, home school parent-the whole nine yards. I would have thought that I was porn proof!

I got started with the Internet about 14 years ago the same as most of us. I needed the net for my business and plus it was simply fascinating. Along the way I was being bombarded with emails and advertisements for Internet sex. We have all seen them-hot teens! Girls girls girls!. I finally got curious and clicked on one of the links and I was blown away by the raw sexual material provided absolutely free. Well, I can tell you that I got off that site as quickly as I could! What if anybody saw that stuff on my computer not to mention what my wife would think!

The next day I was back on the net and I was drawn to have another look, so I did . Again I was shocked and angry. The next day I was back again and again and again. You get the picture....I suddenly was confronted with my own self. What would happen to my reputation. What would happen to my marriage, what would this say to my kids? The answer was obvious. So what could I do- get off the Internet?

So I prayed and made deals with God which I almost immediately broke. I certainly couldn't go to my friends or my wife or pastor. After all porn use was clearly perverted and there was no telling what would happen if the word got out.

I would find myself staying at the office late with the door locked, lying to my wife about what I was doing (working late.....) Sometimes at home even getting out of bed late at night to go to the computer in the other room to gorge on some more porn. I knew I was in trouble but didn't know what to do.  Finally I had a conversation with God that ended with :"if your eyeball offends you then pluck it out, if your hand offends you then cut it off. I took this to mean that I should get off the internet entirely.

Amazingly the same day that I decided to get off the net, my web master for my business site walked in and asked if I had ever heard of internet filtering?(he didn't even know what I was struggling with). He explained that filtering could keep one out of porn sites. Unfortunately at the time there were no filtered providers accessible from my city. Since I couldn't get it, I decided to provide it. The result was

If there ever was an example of "what the enemy meant for evil then God will turn to the good-this is it" He has given me a ministry to folks with porn issues and he has given me an income. Not only did I have to tell my wife (and she was VERY unhappy) But I have shared this story over the net, on radio and TV and in conferences both church related and secular.

If you are involved with porn then take hope, there is a way out and in getting out God may give you a new adventure like He did with me....

Blessings- Ned Dominick- Founder, Wisechoice

Know that there are millions of others struggling to control their porn use. To see their stories and add your own go to the Wisechoice forum.

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Does this mean that I am now "cured" of the desire to access porn? Absolutely not-however having a filter on my computer has removed the constant onslaught of porn sites and removed the easy temptation just to click and......Let's get real, when people say they are struggling with something, in this case internet porn, it means that they are doing it.

Wake up to what is happening!

Psychiatrists say that internet porn stimulates the same areas of the brain as crack cocaine. They also say that the three "A's" of internet porn make it even easier to get into trouble. The first A is accessibility (anyone with a computer and internet connection has access). The second A is Affordability (as we all know you can surf to millions of pornographic images for absolutely no cost.) The third is Anonymity ( No one can see us. We lock ourselves in the office or the back room, stay up late after our spouses are in bed and spend hours gorging on porn). Does it sound like I have been there?

So let's get real, are we willing to lose our marriages or jobs over this junk? Internet porn is now the leading cause of divorce in America surpassing financial strain. Take a look at our discussion site at and see what others are going through

Please don't ignore or minimize the danger of internet porn.


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Other stories from our filtering users

One of our lady customers told me that she discovered that her husband was into Internet porn when he wouldn't’t visit her while she was in labor in the hospital with her fourth child- it turned out that he was back at the home gorging on Internet pornography-their marriage was shattered.

Another customer told me that he spent 1000 hours on Internet porn last year. That works out to forty 24 hour days- over a month of Internet porn out of a year. It cost him his marriage, his job and his position in the community.

A local pastor and friend of mine, a good man and powerful leader in the Christian community-had his ministry destroyed after it was discovered that he had been accessing internet pornography.

People don't plan to get involved with internet pornography
, suddenly it is front of you and you are involved-that fast. The only way to stay out of harm's way is to either stay off the internet or to install filtering. I think Wisechoice is the best available and I urge you to try our no risk trial.

What will Internet Porn cost you?

Ned Dominick, Founder and President
Wisechoice Internet Services, Inc.

* If you would be interested in having me come and talk to your group on this delicate subject I would be more than happy to do so at no fee.

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WiseChoice.Net is a windows sub-system based system. All filtering takes places on our servers, not on your computer. Every time you type in an Internet address, or click on a link to an Internet address, or type in a word to search for, the address or word you requested is routed to our computers where it is checked against our block list. If your request is not on our list you proceed as normal to the site you requested. If your request is on our list, you get a message stating that the site you requested has been blocked along with the explanation. Since we have lightning-speed computers and the fastest possible connection to the Internet, the whole process of checking your request takes less than a second once it reaches the Internet.

That's how simple it is! No weekly or monthly downloads, no constant monitoring, no need to rate sites or make system adjustments. WiseChoice.Net does all of the work for you. You won't even know it's there until you stumble into a pornographic site - and that day will come! With WiseChoice.Net you will receive the block screen instead of the pornography. It really is that simple!





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