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WiseChoice.NET: An Internet Filter

and Porn Blocker. Only $49.95 per year. Fast. Cannot be turned off. One month money back guarantee.

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Test the WiseChoice.Net Filter

To demonstrate how WiseChoice.Net operates, we have constructed this simulated test demonstration. Below you will find three links. With an unfiltered system, these links would lead directly to an actual pornographic site. We all know how easy it is for anyone to find pornography on the World Wide Web.


Here is what you will see if someone attempts to access a blocked site while using our filtering- Click on the links below- They will not be able to get beyond the screen that you will see.

That’s how simple it is. No weekly or monthly downloads, no constant monitoring, no need to rate sites or make system adjustments. We do all of the work for you. You won’t even know it’s there until you stumble into a pornographic site and that day will come! With WiseChoice's preferred filtering you will receive the block screen instead of the pornography. Once you receive the blocking screen you cannot get through to the pornography-even if you want to!!!

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